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Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide the best guitar hanger for all types of musicians.

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WALLACHER Guitar hangers Made in the usa

Keep your guitars safe and organized at home, in the studio, and on the road with WALLACHER™ guitar hangers. No matter what your setup, we have something for acoustic or electric musicians of all skill levels. Our unique line features a functional design with products designed by and made for musicians, and we offer lifetime warranties on all of our products. We've had a patent since 1991, and everything is made right here in America. . For more than 25 years, we have delivered the best guitar hangers in Ventura CA, ensuring the safety of your equipment no matter where you're storing it. We were even commissioned by BOSE to create the WPAS1 hanger, which was designed specifically for the Cylindrical Radiator L1 Speaker. 

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You'll find an exciting range of guitar mounts and racks that deliver a variety of customizable options for hanging and protecting your guitars. We have wall-mounted versions, a version to hang on your amp, even effects rack mounts allow you to hang your guitars conveniently and safely.

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