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Guitar Accessories MAde in Ventura CA

WALLACHER was started by John Moreno over 25 years ago, inspired by his work in a small studio. There was no room for stands on the floor, and every time he tried to use a stand on the floor, the guitar got knocked over. He didn't want to put pegboards on the walls, so he came up with our unique design that holds guitars as securely as the hangers in music stores. The first one was made for a wall, and then John realized he could also screw it to the side of his amplifier and hang the guitar there.

From there, the design evolved because not everyone wants to put screws into their amplifier. He developed more designs, including one that mounts under the amp handle, allowing the guitarist to lean the guitar on a small amp or hang it on a large amp. There are also designs that mount to effects racks, walls, and more. Now, you can free up floor space by hanging guitars on walls or wherever you need them in the studio or onstage.

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